Martin King
E-Learning Consultant

Learning & Technology

e-learning workerDeveloping and delivering e-learning services, products, content, and projects on the web for the public and private sectors, educational institutions and charities requires many different skill-sets;

It's not enough to have a great design or a strong technology platform; these must be augmented by educational development skills and need to be seamlessly integrated. E-learning consultant Martin King has led and delivered a wealth of learning technology projects for a variety of clients.

About Martin King

I'm many things; Learning Technologist, E-Learning Consultant, Moodle Specialist, Developer & Trainer. I'm a new media professional with 20 years of experience. Put simply, I bring it all together: technology, people & content.

My expertise in e-learning covers the strategic, technical, pedagogical, design, development and project management aspects of e-learning. I can help you with content, assessment, systems selection, training, support, promotion, and evaluation.

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